dental crucible with vent holes

A Crucible With A View

One of our customers recently brought us a competitors crucible.  They were not happy with it, as it had a crucial flaw.  It was designed with large cutouts on the top rim for venting purposes.  Unfortunately the competitors alumina was not stable enough, so the cutouts in the rim allowed the rim to expand, and become a much larger circle.  This was a real problem, as the crucibles were intended to stack, but could no longer fulfill that purpose making the crucible useless, and jeopardizing the customer’s product.

We designed a replacement crucible that met the dimensional requirements, could be blended into the current system, and had plenty of venting.  The difference in our product is obvious at first; with the large vents through the side wall, with a continuous rim around the top.  But not so obvious was the difference in our alumina body.  Our high purity 99+ alumina body is very stable, and very rugged.  It will withstand significant thermal shock, repeated cycles, and has been known to bounce off of concrete.


dental crucible with vent holes

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